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"We are a mission-minded, family-friendly church in action, reaching our neighbors with the life-changing love of Jesus Christ"

FUMC Mission Statement

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Five Principles of Our Faith

Prayer and Scripture Meditation
Spending time in prayer each day, and studying and reflecting

on the Bible to experience the living Word of

hope in the written word of Scripture.


Corporate Worship and Small-Group Community
Celebrating God’s presence in worship with a faith community,

and experiencing Christian community in a small group

to pray, learn, and grow together.



Spiritual Gifts and Gifts-Based Service
Discovering our spiritual gifts and participating in God’s

work through the ministry of the church.


Financial Generosity Practicing Christian stewardship

through the biblical discipline of tithing.


Invitational Evangelism
Inviting others to experience

God’s love and become disciples of Jesus Christ

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