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Methodist Healthcare Ministry

United Methodist Behavioral Counselor

Behavioral Health Counselor


Wednesday 8:00-5:00

Thursday 8:00-2:00

Church Based Counseling Services of Methodist Healthcare Ministries


What does a Church Based Counselor do?

As a counselor, she is trained to help others through difficult times in life: family problems, parent and child problems, marital issues, anxiety, anger, depression, bereavement, or mental illness issues.


Will anyone find out if I am in counseling?

Counseling sessions are confidential and private. That means that counselors cannot discuss what is said in sessions to others. In addition the session are in a safe environment in a faith based setting.


What kind of people benefit from counseling?

Many people avoid going to counseling because they believe that it means that something is “wrong” with them. This is a mistaken belief. In fact, persons from many walks of life benefit from professional counseling. Most people decide they would benefit from counseling because life often throws struggles at them for which they are unprepared or do not have the skills to cope with effectively.

Clients are encouraged to learn to accept themselves and to gain new skills

for living in a more constructive and positive way.

If someone you know is interested in our counseling services, call at 361-658-9708.

The first appointment is free.

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